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15 years ago, Tom Atwood noticed something flipping through photography books capturing gay life: Everything looked the same. The subjects were young. The aesthetics were trendy. They only featured people and stories in big cities.

Ashley Kolodner's beautiful photo series, GayFace, aims to breed tolerance through familiarity. A series of new photographs have been released, telling the moving story of two women coming out of the closet. In honor of gay pride month and the hashtag #twomenkissing that spread after the tragedy in Orlando, here's a photo celebration of same sex love.

Photographer Josh Kohanek has new imagery composed at Gay 90s, a bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where drag shows are performed six nights a week. Kiwi Wins Honour For Gay Photo Series. 2 years ago.

express Magazine. Written by express Magazine. Wellington born Robin Hammond was named on Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers list for his project, Where Love Is Illegal.

To be Black, gay, and femme is to be unwanted by much of this world. But in Brazilian photographer F. Elias Neto's world, it is to be powerful, beautiful, and enough.

Neto's ебля взрослы project, “Ride The Wave”, explores the lives of black gay and effeminate men and their journey to self-acceptance. But by giving others a platform through her photo series, Darjes — who is straight, cisgender (non-transgender), and does not practice Islam — says she hopes her subjects help shift broader attitudes when it comes to accepting LGBTQ people of minority faiths. In recent months, Chechnya has received international criticism for inflicting torture on gays and attempting to eliminate the gay community.

Brit Worgan captures the faces of Phoenix's Gay Rodeo event. New York based photographer Braden Summers has always loved romantic images, but felt a “ subconscious disconnection from said imagery because of the simple truth that the majority of the most influential images depict straight couples .”. Braden Summers traveled to six different countries to prove that no matter where you are, love is equal. A stunning yet Vatican-condemned photo series featuring same-sex couples in passionate embraces inside Roman Catholic churches will get a new life in New York.

Free to Be Me” is a new photo and essay series on display in New York City that features the stories of 20 LGBTQ refugees living in the Unites States. This Pin was discovered by Ninotchka Beavers. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. His growing photo series exhibits color and self-affirmations in the face of erasure and collective struggle. The project offers representations of the truth — the vastness of queer African style, beauty, and identities.

Works by Ron Amato, Photography, from his Gay in Trumpland photography series are currently featured on Advocate.com. From his artist's statement on Advocate.com: “The United States has engaged in a war against the LGBTQ community.

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